Philippe Barriere Design Collective’s - Modular Transitional Growth Housing (MTGH)

Modular Transitional Growth Housing (MTGH) es un diseño de Philippe Barriere Design Collective’s. El sistema prefab es cuidadoso del medio ambiente y sumamente adaptable, escalable y eficiente. Se trata de unidades mínimas de refugio en situaciones de emergencia, diseñado para la fabricación en serie, accesibilidad financiera y fácil transporte. El sistema prevé además un proceso de reciclaje que recupera parte del refugio para usos futuros. El diseño es bioclimático, con iluminación natural y refrigeración pasiva.

Philippe Barriere Design Collective’s Modular Transitional Growth Housing (MTGH) system proves once again that prefab is not only earth-friendly, but a highly-adaptable, scalable, and efficient form of building. The project, conceptualized for a post-Katrina New Orleans housing competition, and runner-up in last year’s Metropolis Next Generation competition, delivers a system to provide everything from minimum emergency shelter units to large-scale town house residences. Designed for mass production, affordability, and easy transport, these compact housing units also boast a self-recycling process that reuses existing parts for future applications and BioClimactic design for natural light and passive cooling.

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