KWK promes - Aatrial House, Polonia

Para evitar que el automóvil transite por el jardín, la entrada vehicular accede directamente al patio interno por medio de una trinchera y un túnel. Esto sirve de argumento para invertir la tipología de casa con atrio, o casa romana.

Site near the forest, where the building is designed has one drawback: south-western access. In order to avoid the functional collision of the driveway and the garden, the driveway was 'pushed' into the ground. This prompted the idea of a driveway leading inside to the the ground floor level, from underneath the building, which became possible thanks to the creation of an inner atrium with the driveway in it. This in turn has made it possible to obtain a new type of house, which is the reverse of an atrial building. The Aatrial House is closed to the inside and open to the surroundings.